BDM 7,500kg以下罗里将列入Decontrolled范围

交通部技术部门获得交通部长允准将目前列入Decontrolled 范围的BDM 5,000 kg以下的罗里,提升到 BDM 7,500 kg, 有待SPAD 的通过后实行, 以利业者在不需要申请SPAD的执照下, 能够运载更多的货物。


因此,如有会员商家目前欲购买BDM5,000 kg 的罗里,请暂时搁置,有待新的 BDM7,500 kg 被列入 Decontrolled 车辆后,再作定夺!



We were being informed that JPJ already got the consent from the Minister on the above subject matter and waiting for the green light from SPAD for its implementation. This measure will enable more cargoes load to be carried without application of PERMIT from SPAD for the BDM7,500kg vehicle..


Members who intend to purchase the BDM 5,000kg at the time being, are advised to hold on until the new measure to be implemented soon.